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We believe visual imagery is the “soul” for a compelling storytelling.
Great story is capable to inspire and engage emotionally with the audience.

Your Story is the Key Foundation to Build a Strong Brand.

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Digital Content and Social Media are the future for businesses.  
Engage with the audience by building a strong presence online, your valuable business assets with high potential ‘ROI’ (Return On Investment).

Founder's story

Hanif Ishak founded AetosX Visual – a digital production house company that provides both professional photography and video production services, realizing the powerful impact of visual storytelling and its influence to the audience.

His passion and multiliteracies in digital creative media leads him to develop the team with various expertise to provide better services for brands and companies, especially through the rapid changing trend on digital media platforms.

Anip Ishak (familiar nickname), started his professional journey in Photography and New Media when he been appointed as Chief Photographer for News Straits Times Press Berhad‘s university newspaper programme in 2012.

In pursuit for better experience, he worked part-time as an assistant photographer for Zainuddin Arshad, his mentor, a renowned commercial photographer in Malaysia.

During that period, he had the opportunity to assist an Official Photography session for Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dato Sri Najib Razak (former) in 2015.

As a person who has never been to media or film production school (graduate in Bachelor of Applied Arts & Design – major in Industrial Design), he crafts his own path and engaged with several local production houses as a freelancer to understand the culture in the industry.

In 2018, few years after establishing his own team, AetosX Visual has been given the trust to produced online live-broadcast session with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, current Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

Now, he leads the team hands-on as the Director for both motion and still images, focusing on bringing the best stories for all their clients.

Beyond his professional career, Anip Ishak also an avid traveler which he channels his passion in visual imagery (specifically in photography) into his travels journey.

  • Visited Countries: Cambodia, South Korea, India, Japan and Turkey.
  • Among the works that received media acknowledgements are: